Miami Heat
Tanning & Nail Boutique




Established in 2016, Miami Heat has already developed a strong reputation within the tanning industry using the safest and latest tanning equipment. Our Salon is a proud member of the Sunbed association and we only use 0.3 E.U compliant tubes to ensure the best and safest tan possible.   With a focus on cleanliness, efficiency and care for our clients, and with our experienced fully trained staff, you can be totally confident that you will enjoy an outstanding tanning experience and get the results you deserve. 


Our Tanning Courses

At Miami Heat we have a number of tanning course packages available which can be bought online or in our shop.  Purchase our course packages to lower the cost per minute for tanning with Miami Heat Bath.



Our Sunbeds

Our  sunbeds set a new standard in tanning technology with their Hybrid Performance and Radiance LEDs. All our bed's use 0.3 E.U regulated tubes ensuring the best and safest tan possible.  This unique combination of UV and radiant tanning delivers a particularly attractive and long-lasting tan with simultaneous skin care. All the feel-good features including really easy-to-use Bluetooth Connect providing luxury at the highest level.