Sunbeds (Regulation) Act 2010

The Act was introduced in recognition of the fact that young people are at greater risk of developing skin cancer from over-exposure to UV rays. Miami Heat Tanning are legally required to prevent sunbed use by children.

The Act defines a 'sunbed' as: 'an electrically-powered device designed to produce tanning of the human skin by the emission of ultra-violet radiation'. Vertical tanning booths, lie-flat sunbeds and sun lamps are examples of what the law considers a sunbed.


Under the act Miami Heat Tanning must ensure that:

no-one under the age of 18 uses a sunbed on relevant premises to which Miami Heat Tanning relates

no offer is made by, or on behalf of, Miami Heat Tanning to make a sunbed available for use on relevant premises to a person under the age of 18
no person under the age of 18 is present at any time in a restricted zone* unless they are providing services to Miami Heat Tanning - for example, if they are an employee

[*The Act defines a 'restricted zone' as being a wholly or partly enclosed space within our premises where the sunbed is located and which is reserved for people who are using that sunbed. If the sunbed is located in a room, but not within a wholly or partly enclosed space within that room, then the entire room is a restricted zone. This means that if we locate our sunbed in a partitioned area of a larger room, then that partitioned area is the restricted zone and no-one under the age of 18 can enter (unless they are providing services to, or employed by, Miami Heat Tanning). If we do not have a partitioned area, then the whole room where the sunbed is located is classed as a restricted zone.]

Keeping within the law

It is our responsibility to ensure that no-one under the age of 18 uses or is offered the use of a sunbed. In order to keep within the law and therefore satisfy the legal defence, we enforce a strict age-verification policy and have effective systems in place to prevent use by persons under 18 years of age.

Age verification checks

We always ask young people to produce proof of their age. We accept proof from the Proof of Age Standards Scheme (PASS), which includes a number of card issuers. We also accept a passport or a UK photocard driving licence. If a person cannot prove they are over 18 then the service will be refused.

'challenge 21' and 'challenge 25' policy

This means that if the person appears to be under the age of 21 or 25, they will be asked to verify that they are over 18 by showing valid proof of age.

Refusals log

All refusals are recorded (date, time, incident, description of potential buyer).